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                   TONGLEN RETREAT
       Instruction and guided practice

                                led by Ken Holmes

                    SUNDAY 21st MARCH 09.30 - 15.30
                (3 sessions with morning tea and lunch breaks)
                                     UK TIME via ZOOM

A course based on the Khadampa teachings for
developing compassion, combining ultimate and
relative truths in simple breathing meditation.


This is a 3-session retreat for those seeking instruction and those
wishing to deepen an existing practice.

There is a pre-REQUIREMENT: participants must have already
taken Refuge.

After this first retreat there will be time-to-time practice days on
Zoom, at least once a month, with ongoing instruction and group
practice, led by Ken. It would be beneficial if an ongoing practice
community develops out of this, so that as well as studying
together, we are practising compassion together.

Please note: as this is a meditation instruction teaching,
the recordings will NOT be available on Youtube.


tball gif TO REGISTER for this course contact

It is FREE OF CHARGE, a dharma gift. I am very happy about this
as dharma should not be sold.

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