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A course based on Gampopa's teachings
presented by Ken Holmes in five parts:

1.  The PATH of APPLICATION in which the beginner cultivates
mindful awareness, then the great karmic changes and, due to
that, profound experience in meditation.
SATURDAY Jan 16th 2021, 09.30 UK TIME via ZOOM

2.  The STAGE of INTEGRATION, whereby an understanding
of sunyata is first acquired, then deepened and made reality.
SATURDAY Jan 23rd, 09.30 UK TIME via ZOOM

3.  The STAGE of INSIGHT, in which sunyata becomes the default
state of mind and samsaric rebirth is left behind. This is also the
1st bodhisattva level.
SATURDAY Jan 30th, 09.30 UK TIME via ZOOM

4.  The STAGE of CULTIVATION in which pure lands manifest and
the mind is refined to ever deeper and vaster extents, through
the remaining nine bodhisattva levels.
SATURDAY Feb 6th, 9.30 UK TIME via ZOOM

5.  The STAGE of NO MORE PRACTICE, the ultimate state of
buddahood, with its three kaya and five wisdoms, total peace,
unconditional, endless compassion.
SATURDAY Feb 13th, 9.30 UK TIME via ZOOM

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This course is FREE OF CHARGE, a dharma gift. I am very happy
about this as dharma should not be sold.

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